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3D Printing

We can handle small scale 3D printing we have a heated build plate ( size 220L x 220W x 400H) and handle reasonable detail within those dimensions. We can print with any filament including glow in the dark filament. We print using a 0.2 nozzle for maximum detail.

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Character Printing | 3D Printing

Do you have 3D designed character that you would like 3D printed or one downloaded free from one of the many 3D printing file sites. Preferable STL Files.

- Comic Characters 3D Prints.

- Movie Icons 3D Print.

- Personally Designed 3D Print.

- etc.

Part Printing | 3D Printing

Ideal for when you have a broken or lost part of a device, appliance or even custom parts for your home projects.

- Broken Car Visor Clips 3D Print.

- Personalized keyring 3D Prints.

- Capsule Makers 3D Print.

- etc.

Decoration Printing | 3D Printing

Decorating your podcast space with painted objects or figures etc. is the best way to add personality to a creative space or bedroom.

- Flexi Octopus 3D Print.

- Fidget Toys 3D Prints.

- Miniature Landmarks 3D Print.

- Wall Decoration 3D Print.

- etc.

|  Need A ILLUSTRATION For Your Design? |


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