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Terms Of Our Service

All Art or design done under the ChaosColony Graphics name is directly connected to the reputation of the Business and the Team working under it.
ChaosColony Will not release any art or design unless both parties are satisfied with the work involved and the public display of said work acceptable, regardless of hours involved.
All graphic design is charged by the hour including changes, unless discussed otherwise.
Please Respect our Artist's and The skills we have acquired due to the successful training in our craft and execution of ideas . We strongly Believe in kindness and often go beyond the call of duty for our clients if we are at our most comfortable. Please familiarize yourself with our work and style on Instagram.

- kindly make payment of 40% of full quote to above account once estimate has been approved in order to start the process and carry the project until completion, unless discussed otherwise.

We looking forward to working with you!

Let’s Work Together



South Africa

Tel: 082 925 9510

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